What some of my Students think of me 🙂


Miss Firouzbakhsh is one of the best teachers that I have ever seen. She is so knowledgeable and can transfer her knowledge to students in easy ways. She has enough sympathy and protects students in many aspects. She is understanding and caring.

She respects all the students and encourages good performance. She always thinks to improve the teaching techniques, also tries to produce quality students.

She is more than a teacher!

Niloufar Kouzegaran

Former English Language Learner/ Current Student of Insurance Management


It gives me immense pleasure to recommend Ms. Firouzbakhsh.

I have known her as my teacher, for about one year in the institution that I am studying English there. She has taught English to many students.

Ms. Firouzbakhsh can successfully manage all teaching matters. She is one of the best teachers that I have ever had!

Dorsa Sarkarati

Current Language Learner of Cando institution


Ms. Firouzbakhsh is my best teacher in my life, forever!

Since I met her, I have changed my mind about learning a new language and also about life! I really like her, because she’s more like a friend of mine than being a teacher. I have the best wishes for her and I know that she will get anything she wants.

Melika Pourhasan

Current Language Learner of Cando institution